Upgrade of multi-axis squirter unit

20th June 2014

Successful USL upgrades allowed systems to operate

In late 2013 we upgraded a 10 axis Midas Inspection system at Quickstep Technologies in Australia. This system had ben installed but never successfully commissioned, mainly due to ultrasonic and motion control issues. The unreliable ultrasonic units were replaced by a full USL PC based system and the current USL software suite was installed. The result that the system is now operating as originally planned and is able to inspect composite parts with a complex shape.

Following on from this we have recently carried out a similar upgrade at a composite manufacturer in Turkey, in this case on a system with 8 axes. This will be used for inspection of single curvature “C” or “S” shaped parts.

These upgrades incorporate features common to most new USL systems, including:

  • Remote pulser preamplifiers for optimum signal to noise ratio.
  • Simultaneous through transmission and pulse echo inspection.
  • Linear and logarithmic amplifier modes at the same time.
  • Multiple imaging gates in amplitude and time-of-flight modes, with a C scan image generated for each gate.
Multi-axis squirter unit