Upgrade of Midas systems

2nd April 2014

USL upgrade the Midas system and the motion control

Even before the demise of Midas NDT in 2013 we had been tasked with upgrading systems previously supplied by Midas, as well as from other manufacturers. For example last year we worked on a twin tower, multi-axis system which Midas had delivered to Quickstep Technologies in Australia, but which had never been commissioned or accepted due to problems with the motion control and ultrasonics. We replaced the ultrasonic system and software then successfully upgraded the motion control, to the point where the system is now performing as originally intended.

Since then we have upgraded older Midas systems installed in UK, with others planned in the coming months. Now we are working on a squirter system upgrade similar to the Quickstep installation for a customer in Turkey and also an immersion unit in Malaysia which has a linear scanning array, both systems made by Midas.

At the same time we have taken over the calibration of multiple Midas systems at customer sites in various countries.

Midas System