Twin Tower Systems

Producing ultrasonic test systems since 1987

An extremely robust system with the highest capability, twin tower systems are suitable for inspection of almost any surface geometry and scalable to suit almost any application. Automatic tool changers and a range of transducer housings can be added to this system further enhancing its capabilities. Robots can be fitted to the arms in place of standard manipulator assemblies for large, complex inspection systems.

Benefits of our system

Manipulators can track each other for through-transmission inspections or perform independent pulse-echo inspections.

Scalable to almost any size.

Automatic tool changers available.

Exceptional resolution and repeatability

Contour following systems for complex curves with CAD input for scan path generation

True simultaneous multi-axis motion control for complex shapes

Highly programmable

Typical Applications

Due to the scalability and capability of twin tower systems, they are ideal for the most challenging inspections. As well as typical complex aircraft components such as wing-to-body fairings, nacelles or engine strut fairings, USL twin tower systems can be designed around custom applications, however large or complex.

Suitable for the following:

Features of our twin tower systems


Twin tower systems can be manufactured to suit almost any application, however large.  Heavy duty steel frame construction ensures years of trouble-free, precise motion. A range of mounting orientations and additional linear axes can offer additional scan volume for large and complex components.

Motion Control

USL have developed unique motion control and software systems which enables superior positional feedback rates. The result is linear scanning speeds as fast as cartesian systems and highly accurate image generation and defect sizing.


A range of additional tooling options adds to the versatility of twin tower systems. Twin tower systems can be fitted with conventional ultrasonics, simultaneous dual-frequency, phased-array or a combination. Fully automatic tool changing is possible.