USL Software

Producing ultrasonic test systems since 1987

Characteristics of all our software

Our Software controls all the variables

Uniquely all aspects of using a USL machine are all within one application. Control of all variables whether they be Ultrasonic, Eddy current, thermography or any other NDT method are all within the one USLScanner interface. Designing the tool paths either from teach and learn or from CAD is completely integrated. Generating the images and the subsequent interrogation of the data is seamless without having to switch between third party programs. One mouse, one keyboard, one joystick and no dongles.

File handling

Based on Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit), all file handling, networking and third-party applications are supported. Images can be directly exported to Microsoft Word allowing easy development of customer specific report handling.

Motion control

Motion control is via a powerful 32 axis controller with a modern field bus control of smart motors and amplifiers. The controller allows up to 4 machines to be controlled simultaneously from USLScanner.


This allows a twin axis robot type system to be used as two separate machines or as a single through transmission machine with the two robots synchronized. If the robots are mounted on rails a proportion of the travel can be assigned to the rails and a proportion can be assigned to the robots in whatever proportions are appropriate for the inspection.


A 22 axis system configured as either a cartesian through transmission scanner, or turntable through transmission, or three separate pulse echo machines and any combination

Our software for ultrasonics setup

  • Whether the inspection be in immersion or using a squirter, whether it be single or multi element probes or phased array, all variables are controlled through on screen variables which can be saved and recalled for repeatability purposes.
  • The hardware can be configured as single or multi-channel or indeed time division multiplexed. Phased array systems are fully integrated and all configurations can store full A-scan data for post process of the data to optimize gate and gain settings.
  • All amplitude data is stored to 32 bit accuracy and is therefore limited only by the digitizer selected. The USL pulser receivers are supplied standard with 12 bit digitizers integrated in to the pulser receiver. The number of bits per sample (8, 12, 14, 16, 24, 27 bits) and maximum sampling rate (5.0 Gsps, 1.0 Gsps, 500 Msps, 200 Msps, 100 Msps) are configurable with which ever digitizer is appropriate for the job.
Software Functions
  • Three channel Ultrasonic display
  • All gates are configurable
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Probe characterization routines
  • Different scans can be displayed dynamically

Typical three channel Ultrasonic display with full RF pulse echo on one transducer, rectified and filtered A-scan of a second transducer and a Log through transmission signal between the probes all simultaneously displayed.

All gates are drag and drop or configurable from a table with units in metric, imperial or time The DAC is graphical as well as tabular The A-scan display is highly configurable

A spectrum analyzer is included to calculate frequency plots to enable calibration of probes

Probe characterization routines and reporting are integrated as standard

Both vertical and horizontal B-scans together with diagonal B-scans can be displayed with the C-scan which is displayed dynamically post processing all A-scans