Robotic Systems

Producing ultrasonic test systems since 1987

An excellent balance of capability and value, robotic based systems offer good versatility for a range of component geometries and applications. Reduced design work makes robotic systems more economical. A range of robot sizes, mounting orientations, combinations with linear axes and twin tower systems adds to robotic system versatility by combining the benefits of both system types.

Benefits of our system

Single or dual robots, floor or ceiling mounted robot configurations or a combination

Systems up to 30 metres long

Automatic tool changers available

Exceptional resolution and repeatability

Contour following systems for complex curves with CAD input for scan path generation

True simultaneous multi-axis motion control for complex shapes

Highly programmable

Typical Applications

Single robots can be used for pulse-echo squirter or bubbler inspections or through-transmission inspections using a yoke. Twin robots can be used for pulse-echo from both sides and through-transmission simultaneously.

Suitable for the following:

Features of our robotic systems


The scanning volume of robotic systems can be extended by the addition of linear axes. A range of mounting orientations and additional linear axes can offer additional scan volume for large and complex components.

Motion Control

USL have developed unique motion control and software systems which enables superior positional feedback rates. The result is linear scanning speeds as fast as cartesian systems and highly accurate image generation and defect sizing.


As well as the addition of linear axes, immersion tanks, turntables and a range of additional tooling adds to the versatility of robotic based systems. Robotic systems can be fitted with conventional ultrasonics, simultaneous dual-frequency, phased-array or a combination.