Pre-acceptance of multi channel flatbed system

4th April 2014

A large flat bed inspection system for a customer in Malaysia has completed pre-delivery acceptance testing at the USL factory and will now be dismantled ready for shipping to the installation site. It is designed for inspection of flat or slightly curved composite parts. The scan area of 10 metres x 2.5 metres can be used for testing large panels, a multitude of small parts or a combination of the two. Parts for inspection are supported on tensioned cables running across the width of the scanner, as shown in the pictures. Four pairs of squirters are installed to increase the throughput of the system. The software incorporates simple functions to equalise the response of the four channels at the start of an inspection. During a scan the system generates four simultaneous C scan images, indexing by small steps in the Y direction until the space between the squirters has been scanned, then it makes a large step to continue the inspection. The resulting image is a single seamless C scan display.

Since then we have upgraded older Midas systems installed in UK, with others planned in the coming months. Now we are working on a squirter system upgrade similar to the Quickstep installation for a customer in Turkey and also an immersion unit in Malaysia which has a linear scanning array, both systems made by Midas.

At the same time we have taken over the calibration of multiple Midas systems at customer sites in various countries.

Multi channel flatbed