Our Technology

USL are a technology focused company who have been introducing cutting edge automated inspection systems to the market since 1987. We always provide our clients the best solutions using the leading technology available.

Our machines are inspecting components for some of the largest engineering corporations around the world including testing state-of-the-art machinery components used in the F35 programme.

How we use ultrasonic technology

USL have been manufacturing PC based ultrasonic electronics since our inception and the innovation continues to this day with the latest modular based high-performance system:

  • Highly configurable pulser / receiver configuration
  • Exceptionally low noise and resistance to external sources
  • Simultaneous logarithmic and linear amplifiers
  • 100dB instantaneous dynamic range with 140dB gain range
  • 20kHz PRF with most settings switchable at full PRF. Multiplexed and phased array
  • configurations available as well as the latest in FMC/TFM capabilities.