New upgrade orders

31st October 2014

We have received contracts to upgrade two systems manufactured by Midas NDT, following successful upgrades at the same customers earlier this year. One is a rotary inspection unit for composite fan cowls and similar parts. The upgrade will involve stripping out the existing ultrasonic system and displays and replacing them with up-to-date USL equipment. The computer will be replaced, together with software for system control, scanning, data acquisition and image processing.

The second upgrade will be carried out at a composites manufacturer in Australia. This task actually started some time ago when we dismantled a Midas immersion / flatbed system at a site near Perth. This has now been transferred to Sydney where it will be re-assembled, including on-site welding of the stainless steel immersion tank which was too large to ship in one piece. New multi-channel ultrasonics and control software will be installed.

Midas System