New orders placed with USL

13th August 2014

USL supply innovative new systems for industry and research applications

The last few weeks have seen significant activity from customers in UK, with three important orders placed for ultrasonic systems. Two of these are for immersion installations and the third is for a system based on an industrial robot.

A small 3 axis laboratory immersion system will be built for an aerospace research activity and will be supplied to a small company involved in the application of unconventional ultrasonic techniques. A larger and more complex unit with 6 axes of motion will be supplied to a major UK technology organisation for their general NDT and research applications. This will be capable of following complex contours using CAD based data or by teach-and-learn input. The system is similar to that shown in the picture.

The robot based system is another aerospace application for inspection of composite parts. This will utilise a phased array roller probe which will be guided by the robot over the surface to be scanned and without the need for couplant. This has been made posible by USL’s recent development of a robot controller which, in other applications, permits much faster scanning than normal robot controllers. In this case a rapid linear scanning speed is not necessary, but the motion control functions will be fully utilised.

3-axis laboratory immersion system