New 10 Axis Complex Geometry System Leaving USL Factory

24th July 2017

Ultrasonic Sciences Ltd are today loading a new complex geometry squirter ultrasonic system (shown here flat-packed for transport) ready for its journey to our customer in Denmark.

This highly accurate and reliable system is the latest version of this style, which is currently installed and operating at many aerospace sites throughout the world.

10-Axis Squirter System

This system is designed and built by USL as a turnkey ultrasonic inspection installation. With 10 axis of motion the machine can scan complex geometry parts within its scan volume of 5m x 1.8m x 2.9m (X,Y,Z) with 3D scan plans imported from CAD or CATIA data or by an intuitive teach and learn process.

The machine features twin squirters for increased part throughput of some parts; capable of operating simultaneously in pulse echo and through transmission via USL’s industry leading PM30 ultrasonic board and multiplexers to achieve exceptional signal to noise ratio and shielding from external interference.

Fully Integrated Software

The system is operated via the powerful ‘USL Scanner’ software package which controls the full system from a single high-performance computer, including; motion control, 3D scan plan design, ultrasonic set up, acquisition and analysis. Advanced tools streamline the inspection design and analysis for operators allowing for optimal uptime and throughput for the machine.

Customer Support

This machine will be joining an existing USL complex geometry machine at the customers site to support our customers increased workload. USL engineers will be meeting the machine when it arrives in Denmark to carry out the installation, commissioning, and training.

New 10 Axis Complex Geometry System Leaving USL Factory