More than 30 years experience providing systems for the metals industry

In the field of metals…
The metals industry is a major user of automated ultrasonic systems and USL has been a principal supplier since 1990. The current USL multi-channel ultrasonic instrumentation is ideally suited to these applications, in combination with both off-line immersion and in-line irrigated mechanical systems.

Some of our customers in the metals industry includes:


Alcoa Europe
Timet UK
Timken Steel
Voest Alpine Steel
Tata Steel
Firth Rixson Forgings


Southwest Aluminium


Timken Steel

Products inspected using USL systems include:

Aluminium alloy plate

Titanium alloy plate and forgings

Hot finished and cold finished alloy steel tube

Nickel and titanium based forgings – roto-symmetrical and complex

Continuously welded steel tube

Billet and bar material in aluminium, nickel and steel alloys

Axle forgings

Both cast and forged railway wheels

Some products, such as steel and titanium plate require multiple probes using the same basic settings for rapid coverage and maximum throughput. Others, such as rail wheels and axle forgings, need probes set at different angles for detection of longitudinal, axial and circumferential defects.

The USL multiplexed electronics can switch all settings at full pulse repetition frequency rates up to 20kHz to suit both types of test. Configurations from 2 to 32 channels are available.

Software is available for different applications, such as:

  • Multi-channel C scan imaging with defect severity identified by colour.
  • Automatic assessment of detected features in terms of flat bottom hole (FBH) equivalent.
  • Pass / fail indication based on pre-established acceptance criteria.
  • Automated sorting into pass, fail and suspect criteria.

Some of our USL machines in metal applications