New 16 Axis Robotic System Leaves USL Factory

16th February 2022

A second, unique robotic system delivered to major UK defence company

USL has recently shipped a second robotic based system to a major UK defence company. Where the first system featured RX160 robots in a ceiling mounted configuration, this new system utilises two Stäubli TX200 robots combined with linear Y and Z axes to extend the scan envelope, enabling inspection of larger components than standard robotic systems.

USL’s advanced motion control offers simultaneous, synchronous control of all 16 axes from within the USL Scanner software. For systems such as this with a combination of robotic and cartesian axes, directional movement can be proportionally weighted e.g. 20% robot, 80% cartesian motion.

This system features a range of probe strategies, conventional – both single and dual frequency capability as well as phased array ultrasonics to further increase its capabilities.

A video of the FAT process can be seen here.