Installation December #1

10th December 2014

Successful installation for UK aerospace manufactuerer

Installation of a new travelling gantry system has been successfully completed at a major aerospace composite manufacturer in UK. The system is a travelling gantry unit with 3 axes (X, Z1 and Z2) with manually adjusted probe separation and angular adjustment. It has a scan area of 8000 x 2200mm and is a simple configuration which is ideally suited to inspection of flat and very slightly curved composite panels. The picture shows the squirters set-up for testing the scanning uniformity.

In common with other USL systems, it incorporates logarithmic and linear amplifiers – the log amplifier being used for through transmission testing and the linear for pulse echo inspections. The machine is designed for installation directly on a factory floor, with the water from the squirters collecting in a shallow channel around the scanner and draining into a sump for filtering and recirculating to the squirters.

This customer already uses two USL complex geometry scanning systems – one 10 axis squirter type and one 11 axis immersion unit – in addition to older systems upgraded by us. This latest system will therefore be the fourth USL unit on-site – all with completely different configurations.

Squirter set-up for testing