Immersion system for engine component inspection

27th June 2022

5 axis plus turntable immersion system suitable for rotating discs, shafts, rotors and hubs

Following a successful FAT, our latest turntable immersion system is being prepared for shipping to a USA based MRO.

Designed to exceed the latest requirements for accuracy, repeatability and resolution, this system is designed specifically for inspection of rotating, life-limited engine components from LEAP, CFM56, CF6, V2500 and GE90 family engines and has the capability to be programmed by the user for many others.

The system is supplied with approved transducers and calibration test blocks as specified in the SPMs so can be put to use straight away following commissioning. As a turnkey provider, USL also delivers training and ongoing support for both new and existing machines around the world.

Contact Niko if you would like any further information.