Flatbed Systems

Producing ultrasonic test systems since 1987

Ideal for high-throughput, multi panel inspections. No fixturing requirements, minimal setup time and multiple channels make flatbed systems a time-efficient choice for high-volume inspection of flat components.

Benefits of our system

Simultaneous through-transmission and pulse-echo inspections from each channel.

Scalable to almost any size.

Low operating height, no walkways required.

Exceptional resolution and repeatability.

Independent adjustment of each channel.

Moving bridge assembly separated from support structure to ensure there is no interference.

Individually tensioned support wires.

Improved squirter design for stable, laminar water columns.

Typical Applications

With inspection times becoming more critical, USL flatbed systems are an efficient way to maximise production throughput. Customisable bed size, multi-channel systems with minimal setup time, fast scanning and full ultrasonic control of each channel.

Suitable for the following:

Features of our flatbed systems


Heavy duty steel frame construction ensures years of trouble-free inspections. Independently adjustable, laser aligned beams form a perfectly level base for the running gear. This is separated from the support structure to ensure no distortion or movement induced by the weight of components.

Probe Strategy

Conventional UT, dual frequency or phased array options are available as well as a range of interchangeable nozzles, ultrasonic settings independently adjustable for each channel and stable, laminar water columns.


Designed for high-volume inspections of flat components, scan speeds up to 1000mm/sec, multiple channels and dual-frequency options make flatbed systems efficient and save time in high throughput manufacturing environments.