FAT For New Twin Tower System Completed

14th August 2017

Last week Ultrasonic Sciences invited their customer from China to the USL factory in Aldershot to carry out Factory Acceptance Testing on a brand new 10 axis ultrasonic inspection system.

Large Scan Volume

The system features a large scan volume of 12m x 2m x 3.5m (X,Y,Z) with 2 independent 5 axis scanning towers. This will allow the inspection of a wide range of components in both through transmission and pulse-echo inspection modes, from small flat parts to large complex geometry components.

Advanced Ultrasonics

The system is equipped with both conventional and phased array ultrasonic capability, fully integrated into the USL scanner software package allowing for a large range of inspections to be carried out on a single machine.

Automatic Tool Changes

Automatic tool changers are included for both towers at one end of the scanner – with tool changer racks loaded with multiple tools; including single and dual frequency squirters, flat and curved phased array squirter probes as well as a phased array roller probe for rapid pulse echo inspections.

The tool changers are fully controlled by the software with automatic settings recall and with all connections automatically made including; 128 phased array and conventional ultrasonic channels and air and water feeds making changing from one inspection to another a quick and easy task for the operator. The machine will soon be packed up and shipped to the customers site where USL engineers will join it for installation, commissioning, and training.

35_FAT For New Twin Tower System Completed