FAT For New Dual Robot Inspection System

6th December 2017

Dual Robotic Inspection Systems

The inspection cell features 2 large industrial 6 axis robots, in this case mounted on plinths to achieve a scan volume of 3.5m x 2.5m and is designed for the inspection of thick aluminium honeycomb panels.

Note: the scan volume can be greatly increased for robot systems by mounting them on additional linear axis. Please click here for more information.

Advanced Ultrasonics

USL’s ultrasonics feature wide dynamic range and extremely low noise levels to achieve excellent through transmission inspection through honeycomb components. Dual frequency squirters are equipped to this system to allow for the simultaneous inspection at 2 frequencies optimised for through transmission and pulse echo inspection in the same pass, utilising USL’s onboard parallel linear and logarithmic amplifiers.

Fully Integrated Robot Control

The advanced ‘USL Scanner’ software package takes full control of the robot motion, 3D scan plan design, ultrasonic set up and acquisition from a single software package giving intuitive operation for the systems users for automated operation as well as manually via the wireless remote controller.

USL’s industry leading robotic systems feature position update rate of 2kHz (~10X improvement on standard systems) giving fast and accurate scanning capability.

Find out more about robotic ultrasonic inspection systems here.

FAT For New Dual Robot Inspection System