Contract with National Composites Centre Announced

14th March 2019

Last week the National Composites Centre (NCC) announced the contract with USL for a large scale Composite Integrity Verification Cell (CIVC).

The cell will comprise two robots on linear mechanisms with a significant suite of tools and probes to enable the NCC flexibility in tackling a wide range of composite inspection challenges.

The cell will intially be installed with ultrasonic testing technology with future phases of the project involving incorporation of other NDT technologies giving the NCC a highly capable automated inspection system.

Advanced ultrasonic technology

The system will be delivered with a large range of ultrasonic probes mounted on automatic tool changers and featuring the latest in ultrasonic testing technology including advanced Phased Array and Full Matrix Capture (FMC) capabilites.

The system is scheduled to be installed towards the end of the year and will represent a “step-change” in automated inspection capabilites at the centre.

Phil Slack, Advanced Technology Programme Manager iCAP, National Composites Centre said:

“The unique ability of the NCC’s inspection cell to build up detailed scans of a component, overlaying multiple capabilities to validate integrity, marks a significant step forward in our ability to deliver ‘Industry 4.0’ technology and techniques. The CIVC will help build trust and confidence in UK composites and we will be able to support a range of industries from aerospace and automotive to construction, marine and renewable energy.”

Paul Hillman, Sales Manager, Ultrasonic Sciences Ltd said:

“We are pleased to be working with the NCC in bringing USL’s advanced automated scanning technology to the centre. The system will offer the latest capabilities in automated ultrasonic testing  and will come equipped with an array of tools and techniques to suit a wide range of components. With future addition to the machine of complementary technologies, the NCC will have a uniquely capable inspection platform with which to support industry challenges and lead the way in ‘inspection 4.0’.”

About NCC

The National Composites Centre (NCC) is one of seven centres that form the High Value Manufacturing Catapult and focuses on accelerating the adoption of high-value, sustainable engineering solutions in composites, in order to stimulate growth, and enhance capability for the benefit of the UK. The NCC has over 350 specialist composites engineers based at its facility and offers open-access to cutting-edge digital manufacturing technology for the design, and development of new composite products pulling through technology from the lab to large-scale production. Visit

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Contract with National Composites Centre Announced