Ultrasonic Squirter Systems

Ultrasonic Squirter Systems

Ultrasonic inspection of complex geometry composites

Composite parts incorporating honeycomb or foam, parts which are highly attenuating or have complex geometries are not suitable for inspection by immersion methods and must be inspected using squirter systems. We can offer these in several different formats – travelling gantry, flat bed, gantry, dual tower and systems based on industrial robots.

NDT systems designed by application

Travelling gantries are suitable for flat and single curved panels – 2, 3 and 5 axes.

Flat bed systems are used for generally flat parts, with the possibility of scanning multiple parts at the same time without the need for fixtures – 2 or 3 axes with single or multiple channels.

Gantry units can be applied to parts with complex geometries. They are also suitable for use with turntables for rotary scanning. These can be configured as 5, 7, 9, 11 and 12 axis units dependent on the application. 

Dual tower scanners are suited to dual curvature parts, with an almost unlimited capability to scan the most complex shapes.

Robotic systems are suitable for complex shapes and the robots can be mounted on linear tracks for long travel applications.

All types can be supplied with special manipulators for access into small radii and movable immersion tanks can be incorporated, although the gantry configuration is best suited to this.

  • Axis configuration from simple X-Y units for flat panels, to systems with 11 or more axes for complex shapes.
  • Systems installed up to 14 metres long in worldwide operation.
  • Complex contour following capability.
  • Scanning speeds up to 1 metre/second.
  • Linear and logarithmic amplifiers operating at the same time.
  • 90dB instantaneous dynamic range (through transmission logarithmic) to image monolithic and honeycomb structures in the same scan.
  • Simultaneous dual frequency option – for example 1MHz AND 5MHz – to optimize pulse echo and through transmission tests in the same scan.
  • Dual squirter option to reduce scan times on flat and single curved products (two squirters on each side of the part).
  • Active control of squirter pumps to compensate for variations in flow rate / pressure regardless of squirter orientation and position.
  • Packaged system for water treatment, including filter and UV treatment.
  • Optional turntable for rotational scanning
  • Optional programmable motorized fixtures
  • Roll-in, roll-out fixtures
  • Completely smooth transition between factory floor and scanner floor
  • Windows based software, highly user friendly yet with advanced features.
  • Programming by “teach-and-learn” and by input of CAD based data, including CATIA.
  • Ultrasonic system operates by “timeslots”, allowing completely different set-ups on successive pulses.
  • Simultaneous pulse echo and through transmission acquisition, with multiple gates.
  • Multi-gate data acquisition using amplitude and time of flight monitoring simultaneously.
  • Full waveform acquisition and processing when required, with pre and post trigger functions.
  • Wide range of image analysis and measurement functions, including routines deigned to meet Airbus and Boeing requirements.
  • Sequential scanning of different complex shaped parts (in development).
  • Interrupted scanning, with programmed mid-scan calibration (in development).