Our software is based on current Windows™ operating systems and is adapted to control both simple and multi-axis systems, with sophisticated imaging and processing capabilities.

A major advantage of the USL system is that all operating functions of the system are performed using a single computer with a single integrated software package. This includes ultrasonic control, motion control, real time data acquisition, real time imaging and image processing. Many competitor systems use different computers to carry out motion control and imaging functions. Almost all competitor systems use different software packages for motion control and ultrasonic data acquisition, for example, sometimes with each package provided by a different company. This means that there is a significant overhead caused by computer systems communicating with each other and transferring data between different software packages.

The end result is that many competitor systems operate in a very inefficient way, they are not user friendly, they are more slower and sometimes are not even able to provide real time C scan imaging.

USL systems are:

  • fully integrated
  • faster
  • simpler to operate
  • intuitive

Ask operators who have used both USL and competitor software - they will tell you that they prefer USL every time.