Robotic Systems

Robotic Systems

Although not applicable in every situation, there can be advantages in using industrial robots in ultrasonic systems in place of the traditional Cartesian based scanners. Robots have excellent rigidity and repeatability - they are also available on short delivery and at economical cost because they are so widely used.

Limitations of industrial robots have restricted their application in the past. These include a low rate of positional feedback and a tendency for the servo systems to generate noise in the ultrasonic signals. The limitations have been overcome in our applications, with USL’s unique motion control system improving the feedback rate by a factor of 10 times. Now scanning using industrial robots can reach the same speeds as traditional systems.

All the standard hardware and software features of USL systems are maintained, but with the added benefits of using standard “off-the-shelf” robots such as easy availability, cost and standard maintenance procedures. Systems have been supplied for both imaging and point-to-point measurement applications. Robots can be mounted on linear tracks for long travel applications.

In comparison with other suppliers, the USL robotic systems offer the following benefits:

  • Scan speeds equal to traditional systems
  • Scan profiles from CATIA based data
  • Exceptional signal to noise ratio
  • IP65 / IP67 protection, without the need for complicated water bellows or shields
  • Cables and water pipes routed inside the robot – no unsightly and awkward catenaries