Engineering and Rail

Engineering and Rail

There are many potential applications for ultrasonic testing in the engineering industry, whether inspecting raw materials or finished products.

Automated systems are frequently used for inspection of bar, tube, strip, plate and forgings of simple shape, especially when the material is used for critical or high value products. For fabricated and finish machined parts a large proportion of the testing applications still use manual methods but increasingly automated or semi-automated systems are being introduced.

Typical industry sectors requiring inspection of finished or semi-finished products include aerospace, power generation, automotive and rail engineering. USL has designed and manufactured systems for all these sectors, often resulting in unique “one-off” systems. The pictures in the gallery show some of the machines designed and manufactured by USL for customers with specific and demanding requirements. Despite the diversity of these applications they all use the same USL PC based ultrasonic units. 

Whatever your product we are always happy to consider the possibilities and offer our opinion on a suitable inspection system.