Robotic systems

Ultrasonic inspection systems based on industrial robots

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PMX30 Pulser Receiver

PM30 high performance PC based Pulser Receiver with on-board ADC

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Aerospace Applications

Over 150 systems for aerospace applications.

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Immersion systems

Ultrasonic immersion systems for production and laboratory.

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Composites inspection squirter systems

Ultrasonic squirter systems for inspection of aerospace composites.

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Railway Systems

Ultrasonic systems for the railway industry.

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Scanning acoustic microscopes

High resolution ultrasonic imaging for industry, research, medicine and education.

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PM30 Pulser Receiver

PM30 high performance PC based Pulser Receiver

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SI10 motor controller and PM30 interface
  • 10 axis motion control for DC servo and stepper motors
  • Interface to encoders, limit switches and other external sensors
  • PCI control of PM30 Pulser Receiver
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PHASYS phased array system
  • A completely new phased array for systems use from USL
  • Drives up to 128 element arrays with active elements in modules of 32
  • Designed specifically for use in automated high speed scanning systems
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